Lingual Braces

As people seek beautiful smiles without the obvious appearance of metal or ceramic brackets, demand for aesthetic braces is growing. Lingual braces are an advanced orthodontic treatment! Brackets are placed behind the teeth, hidden from view. Therefore, if you are not a good candidate for Invisalign and yet do not want the look of having braces, you may be an excellent candidate for lingual braces.

Lingual braces deliver superior outcomes – efficient, simplified, comfortable, and need fewer treatment– for all degrees of case difficulty.
This system utilizes a new self-ligation effect design with dramatically reduced friction and lighter pressure. Unique to lingual brackets, our system has minimal impact on tongue position and speech. Our lingual brackets have the lowest bracket profile at just 1.5 mm, with minimal protrusion into your tongue.
Our lingual braces are the ideal solution for those cases that are not suitable for aligner treatment (ie. Invisalign), because these cases require the high level of control that only fixed appliances can provide.