Frequently Asked Questions

We are strong believers in prevention and recommend that everyone has a check-up every six months and a minimum of two trips a year to the hygienist. We’re concerned about the health of your gums and teeth. Our dentists are trained to spot oral cancer signs, which, if caught early has a 90% cure rate.

It is very important that teeth whitening is done by a registered dentist as this will ensure that it is a safe process. At elleven we offer either home bleaching or in-chair whitening and your dentist will explain both processes to you in detail.

Dental implants can be a single tooth or multiple teeth that are fixed into healthy bone by way of a titanium screw. This is a great permanent solution to missing teeth. Dental implants can only be provided in patients over 18 years who are fit and healthy non-smokers.

Orthodontics are the geometry of teeth. A dentist may refer a patient for orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons: crowding, spacing, profile, impacted, missing or drifted teeth or crossbite – but the common factor is that your teeth need to move position through the use of braces.

Yes, and at any age too. Orthodontics is most successful when carried out in children whose teeth and bones are still actively growing but there has been a big increase in adult orthodontics in recent years.

Generally your brace will need adjusting every six to eight weeks.

Yes, after any type of orthodontic treatment, a retainer will be provided. This has to be worn for an indefinite period to prevent any relapse. You will be advised by your orthodontist as to which is suitable for you.